Our Story

Meet Iron Will Raw

In 2013 Matt Bonanno was training  dogs for police and protection work and he recognized that these K9 athletes performed better when being fed a raw diet appropriate for canines. They displayed greater focus, longer endurance and better hydration  His direct experience training these dogs ignited his interest in nutrition and recipe development.  Matt started researching and developing recipes for his personal dog and dogs in his care.

In the summer of 2013 Matt purchased a small, home-based business with a handful of cliental and Iron Will Raw was born. From there, Bonanno started revising recipes to meet the needs of all dogs.  Matt understood that all dogs, sporting, working and companion, can thrive off of a well prepared and safe raw diet – but it was so much more than just tossing together scraps from the meat shop.  Matt was obsessed with providing fundamental nutrition and producing safe food in an environment which upheld or exceed the standards set out for human food preparation.

Matt and Patti, founders of Iron Will Raw

In just the first two years of business, Matt’s commitment to producing a superior raw pet food saw Iron Will Raw expand to 50 retailers and product availability across Ontario.  The menu extended to include 9 protein sources and standardized recipes with 3rd party lab tested nutritional panels. 

In 2015 Patti Moore joined the company and brought with her years of companion and sport dog training as well as behaviour modification expertise.  As a raw feeder since 2001 Patti had experienced the preliminary stages of the commercial raw movement and jumped at the opportunity to contribute to a company that mandated quality, consistency and nutrition in the food produced.      

In just 5 short years, Iron Will Raw has experienced staggering growth and can now be found in over 120 retail locations across Ontario, into Manitoba, Quebec and Newfoundland. In June 2018 Iron Will Raw moved into a State-of-the-art food processing facility in St. Catharines, Ontario and continues to push the bar of excellence for raw pet food manufacturing standards.  The company with such humble roots has achieved their HACCP Canada certification and is honoured to be the only raw pet food manufacturer in Eastern Canada to uphold this accreditation. 

Iron Will Raw believes that all pets should enjoy a natural and species appropriate raw diet. Matt and Patti are committed to producing only the best foods for your pets.  They themselves are pet parents and understand the importance of properly nurturing you companion. They are driven daily to serve Raw Love in Every Bowl to their own 4 dogs, Tulip, Lemon, Roady and Shirley.

Our Products

Iron Will Raw is dedicated to making a premium raw diet for dogs and cats.  We source our ingredients here in Canada and pride ourselves in using local suppliers for our raw materials. Our meat is sourced from Federally or Provincially inspected facilities, which are regularly inspected by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. These facilities produce the fresh, human-grade food you find in top butcher shops, fine dining restaurants and grocery stores here in Ontario and across Canada.

Our Manufacturing Process

Our high-end, 3 step grinding process ensures product integrity and minimal temperature rise throughout the grinding and mixing stages. After grinding and mixing of raw material, our state of the art portioning machinery ensures customers get accurate fresh portions every time.

Our product then enters our freezer at a low temperature which is then quickly drawn down to freezing, this quick freeze locks in the freshness and taste for your furry companions to enjoy over and over again!

Raw Love in Every Bowl

These  words capture what Iron Will Raw is all about: a nutritious diet you can feel confident in providing for your furry family member.