Their True Nature

Human Grade Meat, Locally Sourced

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Iron Will Raw believes in providing the best diet for your pets: a natural, species-appropriate raw diet high in protein and absent any filler or preservatives. Nourish their true nature with our specially designed formulas, ground meat and raw meaty bones!

Iron Will is sold in over 50 stores throughout Ontario.

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Thanks to Matt and Patti for their help with our transition to Iron Will Raw food! Only two weeks and notice a huge difference in my dogs! As you can see Lucy also enjoys Iron Will Raw treats! – Mike


We have been feeding your raw food since we got our Luke from the Welland SPCA almost a year ago. We saw huge changes in his body within the first month. He slimed down, his coat got much shinier and his teeth were cleaner. Anyone who meets him always asks if we put conditioner on his fur since it’s so soft. The vet always tells us how great he looks for his age.


Instant results as soon as we made the switch, healthier coat, whiter teeth, and overall she just loves the taste! Matt goes above and beyond to care for your pet and the ingredients on the container are ones you actually know and can pronounce. I wonder which flavor we will try next! Thanks again! - Justin Hebert


My two little rescue dogs love Iron Will. In no time at all I saw improvements in their coats and skin. My one guy is a Chinese Crested and his skin is so soft and smooth. And my other wee one is old and has no teeth. I love that I can feed her the same food as her sibling and know her digestive health is good. Thanks. - Kelly Langford