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Tales from the bowl!

  • My two little rescue dogs love Iron Will. In no time at all I saw improvements in their coats and skin. My one guy is a Chinese Crested and his skin is so soft and smooth. And my other wee one is old and has no teeth. I love that I can feed her the same food as her sibling and know her digestive health is good. Thanks. 

    Kelly L.

  • My dogs have been on Iron Will for a couple years now. I had 10 dogs but am now down to 7 . All ages . My dogs are super active , they dog sled in the winter ( Team Maligator) and run in the bush and swim for hrs in the summer. I have been on 3-4 other raw foods with varied results. My one dog gets a type of seizure with certain chemicals used in some of the meats. Not with Iron Will!
    My dogs look and act great on this food . I highly recommend it. 

    Tammy S.

  • Thanks to Matt and Patti for their help with our transition to Iron Will Raw food! Only two weeks and notice a huge difference in my dogs! As you can see Lucy also enjoys Iron Will Raw treats! 


  • My Staffy has never been more excited about meal time!! Thank you Iron Will Raw 

    Vickiee R.

  • Instant results as soon as we made the switch, healthier coat, whiter teeth, and overall she just loves the taste! Matt goes above and beyond to care for your pet and the ingredients on the container are ones you actually know and can pronounce. I wonder which flavor we will try next! Thanks again! 

    Justin H.

  • Thank you so much Iron will raw for providing exactly what our dog needs. When we first got Indie it was a rough go. We were provided a kibble diet to start out with and that just wasn't working out for our pup. After a lot of research we decided to try a raw diet. We compared many companies and we loved that Iron Will Raw provided us with a nutritional breakdown. It was the best decision we ever made and she has thrived on your product. Thank you once again!

    Lee R.

  • We have tried almost every raw pet food brand made in Ontario that can be found in pet stores, but Iron Will Raw takes the cake!

    Our biggest struggle with raw, recently, was finding a raw our husky will eat consistently. He's VERY picky, which has pushed us to change raw brands multiple times. So far, he has LOVED Iron Will Raw and has eaten it with excitement every single day!

    Plus, who doesn't love the extra benefits of raw? He continues to have a shiny coat, fresher breath, less shedding, smaller poop to clean up less frequently, and improved weight management.

    Jennifer L.

  • I have noticed such a difference with my 14 month-old Yellow Labrador. His coat is nothing short of amazing and receives many compliments on how soft it is. His shedding has dramatically reduced, which is a huge benefit. He is actually excited to eat his breakfast and dinner.

    I highly recommend Iron Will Raw to all of my friends who are thinking about switching over to raw because of how transparent they are with the food that they provide.

    Thank you very much, Iron Will Raw!

    Vanessa K.

  • We have been researching a change of diet for sometime now. We were noticing our dog's belly always looking bloated, she was gaining weight, constantly begging for treats, and itching at her ears. The transition was surprisingly quick and easy. She loves her food now! She is on the road to getting back to her ideal weight and at the same time seems satisfied and is not begging constantly. The itching has also stopped. For us it is definitely more cost effective. We are presently on our second month and pleased with the changes we have seen already. Thank you!

    Tracey B

  • Both of my dogs love Iron Will Raw.

    Hayley T.

  • Noticed a huge difference in my puppy's health after feeding him Iron Will. His fur is soft and shiny, breath isn't smelly, and new adult teeth are pearly white! There was even a change in his temperament: he became more attentive and seems to have more energy!

    Cailin G.

  • My one cat I call him my little carb addict, 3 months ago was eating completely dry, (recommended by my former vet). In the last 6 years we have made numerous trips to the vet. When our local pet store decided to start selling Raw I decided it was time to make a change and I am so glad I did, this cat has lost weight and is down to a comfortable size his fur is shiny and soft and no more constipation. My other animals although no health complications are absolutely thriving on Iron Will Raw. I will never go back to kibble again.

    Karen B.