Top 10 Reasons to Feed Your Dog Raw

August 07, 2019

Top 10 Reasons to Feed Your Dog Raw

Feeding your pet a raw food diet is one of the best things you can do for their health and overall well-being!

Here are our top ten reasons why you should make the switch to raw:

1. Raw is naturally digestible

    A raw diet is the natural choice for your pet. Just like people dogs absorb nutrients better from whole foods rather than synthetic vitamins which are often added in after in the process of manufacturing kibble and canned food. Dogs thrive on a diet that’s rich in quality protein and low in carbohydrates and sugars. Our raw dog food recipes do not contain fillers, additives, or preservatives, which are harder for your pet to digest. 

    2. Healthy skin and coat

      Your dog’s skin is her largest organ. When your dog’s body is getting the nutrients and vitamins it needs, it shows through their skin! And vise versa.  The nutrients in raw food is more bioavailable for dogs to digest than commercially prepared food, allowing organs to absorb the necessary nutrients more efficiently. Raw pet food also naturally contains active enzymes that help a dog breakdown and consume nutrients. Without these enzymes, it’s harder for dogs to absorb starches, fats, and protein. This can result in dandruff, dry skin, and thin or coarse fur growth. After switching your pet to raw, you’ll notice a difference in their skin, coat, and how much less they shed!

      3. Reduction in doggy odour

      When dogs consume food higher in fillers, additives, and preservatives, it can lead to some not-so-pleasant ‘doggy odour’. Because of the benefits to your dog’s skin and coat the skin produces less odour filled oils.  Your pet’s digestive system is also better supported on a raw food diet, often decreasing or eliminating doggy gas.

      4. Less poop to scoop

      Commercial pet food often contains grains, peas, corn, and other ingredients that are not a natural part of a dog’s diet. These ingredients are harder for your pet to break down, resulting in more waste (aka poop). A raw food diet contains meat, organ, and bone – all things a dog was meant to digest. The ingredients in raw pet food can be easily broken down and used for fuel, which means less becomes waste. The poops will also become firmer and after a few days become chalky and decompose faster.

      5. Reduction in allergies

      Diet is the most commonly accused cause of allergies in pets, however may assumed food allergies are really a culmination of intolerance stacked on top of each other until the pet’s immune system can no longer defend the body. A major cause of stress on the immune system comes from poor gut health. Sadly, many fillers used in kibble and other commercially produced pet foods are not biologically meant for dogs and can cause stress on digestive system which compromises the immune system. Over time, intolerances can escalate to allergic reactions. Rashes, itchy paws, ear infections, and digestive and joint issues are all common allergic reactions. A natural raw diet can help reduce or eliminate your furry friend’s allergy symptoms.

      6. Immune system support

        Unlike commercial pet food, Iron Will Raw only contains ingredients that your pet was biologically designed to eat. By limiting your pet’s exposure to fillers, additives, and species inappropriate foods, your dog’s body can focus on other things, like handling external and environmental triggers. Raw food is also naturally rich in moisture, which supports your furry friend’s organ health. 

        7. Increased energy

        When your dog feels good, they have more energy! A high-quality raw pet food is absent of excess ingredients and fillers, so less energy needs to be spent digesting carbs and sugars. After switching your dog to raw, you’ll likely notice a new pep in their step

        8. Enhanced hydration

        Raw food has a higher moisture content than commercially prepared pet food, resulting in true, natural hydration for your pet. Since dogs on a raw diet are getting hydration through their food, they tend to drink less water compared to their kibble-fed companions.

        9. Easy weight management

        Did you know as many as 50% of dogs are overweight? A raw diet is a natural way to help manage your pet’s weight and improve their overall wellbeing! Unlike kibble, raw pet food does not contain additional carbohydrates or sugars which can be harder for your pet to burn off. Iron Will Raw pet food is only made with biologically appropriate ingredients and non-glycemic green vegetables, naturally helping your dog maintain their ideal body weight. 

        10. Cleans teeth naturally

        The high sugar content in commercially produced pet food creates the ideal environment for dangerous bacteria to grow, causing a number of dental issues in dogs. Kibble and canned food can also get stuck in your dog’s teeth, leading to plaque, tartar and bad breath. Raw food is less likely to stick to teeth, helping keep your dog’s mouth healthy. Raw food also contains naturally occurring enzymes which promote oral health.

        Raw Meaty Bones are another natural way to help clean your pet’s teeth. Chewing on a Raw Meaty Bone helps scrape away plaque from their teeth, messages their gums, and generate circulation. Give your dog a Raw Meaty Bone 1-2 times per week and you’ll start to notice a difference in your pet’s teeth and breath.

        At Iron Will Raw, we’re committed to providing your pet with the safest, most nutritious raw pet food possible. High-quality meat is always our first ingredient, followed by nutrient-rich organ meats and bone. We offer a wide variety of proteins and Raw Meaty Bones to choose from, as well as two different types of meal options: Basic Meals and Original Dinners.

        When you feed your dog Iron Will Raw, you’ll see the benefits of a natural, biologically appropriate diet yourself! Discover the Iron Will Raw difference today.

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