Body Condition Scoring

May 13, 2021

Body Condition Scoring

Using a Body Condition Scoring Chart is a fantastic way to see how your pet is doing rather than using solely the number on the scale. Ideally, pets should fall in the 4 - 5 range on the 9-point scale. Do not fret though, if you find your pet is closer to a 6 or 7, now is the perfect time to start dialing in their nutrition to get them back to where they should be.

We recognize using this table can be difficult for breeds who are extra fluffy. For those breeds we suggest getting your hands on them to feel for ribs and other bony bits and using a measuring-tape to get a baseline chest/waist/neck measurement. If you find the ribs are hard to feel, then you know going forward your pets’ measurements should be less than what they are now.

For all pets we suggest keeping a photo diary! Snap a picture of your pet from the side and from the top. We see our pets every single day which makes weight loss or weight gain more difficult to recognize. We don’t always realize this is happening until significant changes have occurred. Taking photographs weekly and reviewed monthly is a habit that will help you stay on-top of your pets' body scoring condition – making sure they stay in tip-top shape.


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