Why Raw?

Why Raw?

NO fillers, NO preservatives, NO additives.

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Highly processed commercial pets foods cannot provide the same nutrition a raw diet can for your pet. Our diets provide a natural source of nutrition.

So how does raw food improve dog health?

Many raw fed dogs and cats experience the above benefits and see a reduction or elimination of various health issues. Pets that are transitioned onto raw food do not experience the challenges that can come with food allergies, a problem that often goes unnoticed.

Some signs that your dog is reaping the rewards or eating are less scratching, less instinct to chew their feet, fewer hot spots if they continue at all, fewer ear infections, the list goes on. This is great for your dog and for you, with fewer vet appointments and a healthier animal you'll see the investment of raw returned to you, easily.

Other health benefits of raw stem from their naturally clean teeth which lend to a lessened predisposition to scale on their teeth or gum disease. Supplementing raw food with healthy raw meaty bones will help keep their teeth clean and strong.

Often owners have questions about how a raw diet will lead to smaller poops and less odour. This is, perhaps, the most quickly noticeable and owner-oriented benefit of switching to a raw food diet. Raw food has less waste which means your dog is taking more from the food and eliminating less. You are only giving your dog what it needs. Poops will become chalky and decompose on their own after a few days.

Raw food is also more hydrating because it has a higher water concentration than other foods. Eating raw will see your pooch naturally hydrated through its meals, and you will notice a significant decrease in the number of times a day your dog appears to be desperate for hydration. This is a healthier hydrating cycle for your pet.