Why Puppylicious?

First and foremost, our product requires ZERO supplementation making it the best raw food for puppies! No questions, no stress, just place it in the bowl and watch your puppy enjoy their meal. It's that easy!

Each ingredient plays a key role in the overall nutritional composition of the final product, we use a base of human grade, high quality cuts as the foundation for our recipe. These beautiful whole food ingredients have enabled us to ensure that all essential amino acids are present and accounted for in recommended amounts for growing puppies. The various plant matters of choice are contributing a plethora of phytonutrients and fiber to the diet which is invaluable for puppies.

✓ Puppylicious includes a source of EPA & DHA in the formulation to ensure each and every puppy receives these incredible high quality fatty acids. DHA is an important component of membrane phospholipids in the retina (of the eye) and brain, leading to improved memory and learning in young dogs.

✓ L-Carnitine can be found in highest concentrations in the skeletal and cardiac tissues. By adding L-Carnitine to Puppylicious, we are helping your puppy to metabolize fat more efficiently thus sparing protein from being used as a source of energy allowing the growing body to use protein primarily for building and maintaining the tissues of the body. L-Carnitine also helps to reduce oxidative stress in the body, although some oxidative stress is beneficial, the additional environmental stressors can cause problems leading to cell and tissue damage.

✓ Beta-glucans are compounds derived from the cell wall of the Saccharomyces Cerevisiae yeast. These compounds are not broken down in the gut, giving them the ability to activate the immune cells, increasing their capacity. They do this by stimulating the phagocytes which in turn causes cytokines to be secreted, enhancing natural defenses promoting resistance to pathogens, improving their overall health, and better preparing them for environmental challenges.

✓ Puppylicious is formulated to be inclusive for puppies of all breeds and sizes - including large and giant breeds. Our puppy formula contains a calcium level well below the new AAFCO maximum of 4.5g of calcium per 1000kcal for large breed dogs (large breed as defined by AAFCO as an adult that weighs more than 70lbs).

✓ We have worked with a world renown Veterinary Nutritionist and Diet Formulator to craft our new puppy formulation. In this process we have worked with Dr. Faber at TROUW Nutrition – a science-backed, holistic company to create a unique blend of high quality, bioavailable vitamins and minerals to complement our Puppylicious recipe. This unique mix is included in a small percentage to ensure all puppies receive the essential nutrients required to support their growth and development.

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