Why Iron Will Raw?


When you choose to feed your dog raw pet food, you’re providing them with a biologically-appropriate diet. A raw diet is the natural choice for all dogs, no matter what size they are! Miniature Poodles? Yup. German Shepherds? Them too! All dogs benefit from a diet that’s rich in quality protein and low in carbohydrates and sugars. Highly processed pet foods cannot provide the same nutrition a raw meat diet can for your pet. Iron Will Raw Formulas provide a natural source of nutrition for your furry companion, fuelling them from the inside out.

As carnivores, dogs’ bodies are built to absorb energy and nutrition from eating a combination of meat-based protein and fat. Feeding your pets a safely handled, quality-controlled raw food allows you to feel confident that your pet is getting the bioavailable nutrition they need to thrive.

Feeding your dog raw pet food can go beyond the dinner bowl. Iron Will Raw also offers a selection of Raw Meaty Bones for your pet to enjoy. Beef Neck Bones or Knuckle Bones are great for cleaning your dog’s teeth and providing mental stimulation, while chicken necks or other meaty bones can be given as meal substitutions.

At Iron Will Raw, we’re dedicated to providing your pet with premium raw pet food. Our ingredients are responsibly sourced from local suppliers as much as possible and we’re proud to call St. Catharines, Ontario, home. We accept only the highest quality of raw materials! No rendered meats, seconds or scraps. With the exception of green tripe, we only purchase cuts of meat that are fit for human consumption.

Our raw pet food blends have been researched and developed in collaboration with veterinarians and animal nutritionists to include ingredients that support optimal canine nutrition and health. All recipes feature a nutritional panel which are confirmed by 3rd party lab testing. We test our recipes yearly or any time we change suppliers or ingredients to ensure that your pet is getting the highest quality raw pet food possible.


There are many benefits to feeding your dog a raw food diet, from naturally cleaner teeth to less poop to scoop. Pets can also experience a reduction or elimination of various health issues, such as food allergies or food sensitivities. Some of the benefits can be seen within days of transitioning while others require a bit more time to take effect.

Raw pet food contains naturally occurring enzymes that promote oral wellbeing and keep a dog’s teeth and gums healthier. Unlike kibble, which contains sugar and simple carbohydrates, the enzymes found in raw pet food help decrease tooth decay and other oral diseases. Kibble and canned food can get stuck on your dog’s teeth, leading to plaque, tartar build up, bad breath and even infection. Raw food is less likely to adhere to teeth, which helps keep your dog’s mouth healthy.

What’s the scoop on raw dog food and poop? One of the first things pet parents notice after switching their dog from kibble to a raw diet is the change in their pet’s poop. Commercial kibbles often contain carbohydrates, grains, peas, and other ingredients in high amounts that your pet’s digestive system has to work harder to break down. This results in more waste (poop) being eliminated. When you’re feeding your dog raw pet food, they’re eating ingredients that their body can process and use for fuel and nutrition, resulting in less poop! The poops will also become firmer and after a few days become chalky and decompose faster.

Another major difference pet owners notice after switching their dog to a raw diet is the change in their dog’s coat. The active enzymes that are naturally present in safely handled raw pet food help dogs digest and absorb starches, fats, and protein. This results in healthier skin and fur! Without these enzymes, dogs can have trouble absorbing the nutrients they need. This can lead to dandruff, itchy skin, and minimal fur growth.

Raw pet food has a higher moisture concentration than kibble, resulting in true, natural hydration for your pooch. Since raw fed pets are getting hydration through their food, they tend to drink less water compared to dogs that are fed kibble. This aids in overall wellness because the natural level of hydration also helps promote healthy organ function.

Over the past few decades, there has been an increase of allergies and intolerances in pets. Many commercial kibbles contain ingredients that are not a natural part of a dog’s diet. Since these foods (such as potatoes and some grains) are not biologically meant for dogs to digest in such large volumes, they can create stress on your pet’s immune system. When the immune system is stressed, it’s not able to defend itself as effectively from other intolerances that it may come into contact with; resulting in signs and symptoms of allergies. What started out as a mild food or environmental intolerance can become a full-blown allergic reaction that can result in ear infections, watery eyes, yeasty rashes, itchy paws, joint and digestive issues.


When choosing which raw pet food to feed your pet, the first thing you should look at is the ingredients. A reputable company will source only top quality ingredients from high-quality suppliers, and will maintain protocols that the suppliers must meet. The ingredients and recipes should stay consistent and not vary based on what’s available at that time (or what lower-quality ingredients are on sale!). Raw pet food packaging should feature a clear and concise nutritional label so you know exactly what you’re feeding your furry friend.

When it comes to producing high-quality raw pet food, there’s a lot more to it than mixing some ingredients together! Reputable raw pet food manufacturers put a lot of time, research, and effort into developing recipes that will benefit your pet’s health. These recipes must be tested frequently by 3rd party labs to ensure they contain the highest levels of nutrition available. The manufacturing process also has a huge impact in the quality and safety of your pet’s raw food. A company must maintain impeccable safety standards as well as strict rules on sanitation, temperature control and document all their protocols as well as verification and validations methods.

Traceability is another key factor to consider when choosing which raw dog food is right for your pet. A manufacturer should be able to trace their products from one back and one forward. At Iron Will Raw, we can trace menu items from the supplier (one back), through all phases of movement in our facility to your local pet store (one forward). We take pride in our products and we’re committed to providing the safest, highest quality raw pet food possible.


When you feed your dog Iron Will Raw, it’s easy to know exactly what’s in your pet’s bowl. Our raw dog food does not contain fillers, preservatives, or additives. It’s only made with the good stuff: raw meat, bones, and organ meat. Our Dinners are formulated with superfoods like green tripe, kale, and spinach. We also offer single protein blends which only contain the basics: meat, bones, and organs.

When it comes to raw pet food manufacturing, safety goes beyond the ingredients. That’s why we voluntarily acquired and maintain our HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) Certification. To achieve HACCP Certification, a manufacturer must operate at the highest standards in quality, food safety, traceability and accountability. We’re proud to be the first raw pet food manufacturer in Eastern Canada and third in the country to receive this internationally recognized certification. We want you to feel confident that when you choose Iron Will Raw, you’re feeding your pet a safe, nutritious product. From internal checklists to third-party audits, our products and procedures are constantly monitored and assessed for quality and safety.

We know how much you care about your pet’s well being, and feeding them a raw diet is the natural choice for your dog! If you have any questions about feeding your pet Iron Will Raw or transitioning your pet to a raw food diet, please visit our FAQs.

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