Transitioning to Feline Complete

Iron Will Raw Feline Complete™ Dinners are formulated to meet AAFCO Standards† – we are committed to providing the highest quality raw pet food to customers to ensure long, healthy, and happy lives for their beloved cats. These complete & balanced dinners contain a wide variety of fresh wholefoods and sustainably sourced Omega-3, giving pet parents confidence at mealtime. With no supplementation required, Iron Will Raw makes feeding simple and easy – Thaw. Feed. Love! 

Transitioning felines to a raw food diet can be a longer process than transitioning a dog – depending on the age of the cat, previous eating habits and health conditions. Cats cannot be fasted and should eat every 12 - 24 hours to maintain liver function. 

Transitioning kittens to a raw food diet is usually simple, as they typically take to raw food faster and easier that an adult cat. 

Iron Will Raw recommends transitioning to raw with an easily digestible protein like Feline Complete Turkey, Beef & Mackerel Dinner. After five to seven days of feeding your cat/kitten Feline Complete Turkey, Beef & Mackerel Dinner, try introducing any other Iron Will Raw Feline Complete Dinners. Click here to shop Feline Complete Dinners >> 

A cat that is accustomed to snacking throughout the day will need to be transitioned to a regimented feeding schedule before the transition to a raw diet can begin. Offer the cat’s current diet at set hours, 4 to 6 times throughout the day 


Cold turkey is a commonly used method of transitioning an adult cat to a raw diet – last meal at dinner and begin to feed raw the next day. This is an effective method for cats who take to raw food quickly. However, cats are rarely that easy, and the transition might be a process. 

A gradual transition is another strategy to introduce raw. Follow the chart below:

For picky cats, an interim step should be implemented – transitioning from kibble to wet food and then approaching the gradual transition (below). 
Eating a cold meal quickly may cause some pets to throw up. Follow the suggested temperature chart below – remove your pet’s raw meal portion from the fridge, place it on a plate and let it sit out prior to feeding. 

Try slightly warming the raw food should your cat not take to it – avoid cooking or microwaving as this can harm vital amino acids such as taurine. Place the raw food inside a sealed bag and place it in warm water for 5 - 15 minutes. Consider the bowl being used – a shallow bowl or lick mat is ideal for cats as they don't like their whiskers to be touched. 

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† Iron Will Raw Feline Complete Dinner for Cats is formulated to meet the AAFCO Cat Food Nutrient profile for All Life Stages.
* Intended as an initial starting guide. Individual needs may vary based on daily activity level and individual metabolism. Feeding amounts should be adjusted accordingly.