Transitioning To Canine Complete

Iron Will Raw Canine Complete Dinners are formulated to meet AAFCO Standards† – we are committed to providing the highest quality raw pet food to customers to ensure long, healthy, and happy lives for their beloved dogs. These complete & balanced dinners contain a wide variety of fresh wholefoods and sustainably sourced Omega-3, giving pet parents confidence at mealtime. With no supplementation required, Iron Will Raw makes feeding simple and easy – Thaw. Feed. Love!

It is common for dogs to be unsure of their first raw meal - the smell and texture are vastly different from the kibble they are accustomed to. Give your dog 5 - 10 minutes to eat and then put leftovers in a sealed/airtight container into the fridge for their next meal.  

Iron Will Raw recommends transitioning to raw food with an easily digestible protein like Canine Complete Chicken & Beef Dinner. After five to seven days of feeding your dog Canine Complete Chicken & Beef Dinner, try introducing any other Iron Will Raw Canine Complete Dinner. Click here to shop Canine Complete Dinners >> 
If your pet has a chicken intolerance, start with Iron Will Raw Canine Complete Turkey & Beef:

The most common transition method is best achieved by feeding your dog their last kibble meal at night and their new raw meal the next morning (approximately 12-hours in between). If you have a senior dog, or a dog with a history of digestive upset, try adding a probiotic to their meals prior to transitioning to raw.   
A gradual transition is another strategy to introduce raw. Follow the chart below: 

Eating a cold meal quickly may cause some dogs to throw up. Follow the suggested temperature chart below – remove your dog’s raw meal portion from the fridge, place it on a plate and let it sit out prior to feeding. 

Try slightly warming the raw food should your dog not take to it – avoid cooking or microwaving as this can harm vital amino acids such as taurine. Place the raw food inside a sealed bag and place it in warm water for 5 - 15 minutes.

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Click here for information on transitioning a puppy.

† Iron WiIl Raw Canine Complete Dinners for Dogs are formulated to meet the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient profile for Adult Maintenance.
* Intended as an initial starting guide. Individual needs may vary based on daily activity level and individual metabolism. Feeding amounts should be adjusted accordingly. Ideal Weight / Active – Up to 3 hours of daily activity. Underweight / More Active – Over 3 hours of daily activity.