Transitioning to Basic Meals

Iron Will Raw Basic Meals are great for dogs or cats who may need a single protein diet for sensitivities and restrictions. Protein rotation of 3 - 5 Basic Single Proteins per month and supplementation are recommended to help create a balanced diet for your pet. Each protein contains specific and important amino acids which play an essential role in creating a balanced diet. Download the Boost Your Bowl Guide below for recommendations. 

Meal plans can ensure you're giving a proper protein rotation each month – Download the PDFs by clicking the graphics below:


Use this Rotation Meal Planner to transition with Iron Will Raw Basic Chicken Single Protein:


If your pet has a chicken sensitivity or intolerance, use this Rotational Meal Planner:

Iron Will Raw recommends transitioning to raw with easily digestible proteins – Basic Chicken Single Protein or Basic Turkey Single Protein. Click here to shop Basic Meals >> 
If your pet has a chicken intolerance, use this schedule: 


The most common transition method is best achieved by feeding your pets their last kibble meal at night and their new raw meal the next morning (approximately 12-hours in between). If you have a senior pet, or a pet with a history of digestive upset, try adding a probiotic such as the Adored Beast Healthy Gut to their meals prior to transitioning to raw.  

A gradual transition is another strategy to introduce raw. Follow the graphic below:

Eating a cold meal quickly may cause some pets to throw up. Follow the suggested temperature chart below – remove your pet’s raw meal portion from the fridge, place it on a plate and let it sit out prior to feeding. 
Try slightly warming the raw food should your pet not take to it – avoid cooking or microwaving as this can harm vital amino acids such as taurine. Place the raw food inside a sealed bag and place it in warm water for 5 - 15 minutes.  For cats, consider the bowl being used – a shallow bowl or lick mat is ideal as they don't like their whiskers to be touched. 

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* Basic Kangaroo contains Pork Organs 
** Intended for intermittent or supplemental feeding only. Protein rotation and supplementation are recommended to help create a balanced diet for your pet. Intended as an initial starting guide. Individual needs may vary based on daily activity level and individual metabolism. Feeding amounts should be adjusted accordingly.