Egg-cellent Bowl Toppers For Pet Food

July 28, 2023

Egg-cellent Bowl Toppers For Pet Food

Egg-cellent Bowl Toppers for Pet Food

Pet owners often add whole food supplements and toppers to their pets' bowls to enhance their nutrition. However, have you ever wondered about the benefits of eggs and the different types of egg sources available? Iron Will Raw explores eggs as bowl toppers for pet food, and all their benefits. 

Different Yolks for Different Folks 

Eggs come in many different sizes which can lead to questions about which egg source to select for your pet. To help you make an informed decision, Iron Will Raw created a chart that outlines the nutrient facts and recommendations for various egg sources.

The great thing is, you have the flexibility to mix and match different types of eggs to suit your pets individual needs. 

egg chart for bowl toppers

Interesting Facts About Bowl Toppers for Pet Food

  • Duck Eggs have a higher percentage of fat when compared to their overall size
  • Chicken Eggs have the lowest percentage of fat compared to their size
  • Quail Eggs have the highest percentage of protein when compared to their overall size 

egg toppers for pet food

Egg Yolks and Biotin 

There's a common misconception that feeding whole eggs (whites and yolk) can lead to a biotin deficiency in pets. However, this is highly unlikely because the yolk of the egg contains excess biotin that binds to the enzyme avidin found in the whites, making it harmless and leaving enough biotin to fulfill the pet's biological needs. 

If you're still concerned about the risk of biotin deficiency, boiling the egg denatures the enzyme and removes the risk entirely. It also makes it easier to give smaller portions of a large egg. 

Bonus fact for our science-y friends: The bond between avidin and biotin is the strongest non-covalent interaction known!

Have questions about eggs or other whole food toppers?  Feel free to reach out to the amazing team at Iron Will Raw is a user friendly database for those who would like to investigate further.

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