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Iron Will Raw provides excellent service and a premium product which is competitively priced.  Retailers can feel confident in offering the best, safe, high quality raw food to their customers.

When you choose to join the Iron Will Raw retailer family you can do so knowing that we are actively marketing and promoting your store.


Iron Will Raw is committed to supporting our retailers and we believe that through collaboration we can achieve a greater awareness of health and nutrition for pet owners. We maintain a retailer focused business model and offer reasonable lead times and simple ordering processes. Iron Will Raw provides excellent service and a premium product which is competitively priced; so retailers can feel confident in offering the best raw food to their customers.

When you choose to join the Iron Will Raw retailer family you c an do so knowing that we are actively marketing and promoting your store. The Iron Will Raw team attends upwards of 15-20 tradeshows annually to educate the general public about the benefits of raw. In doing so we encourage pet owners to visit your location to purchase Iron Will Raw . In addition we are always happy to attend retailer functions, education days and provide staff training so that your employees feel confident in our product.

Minimum order $500 (subtotal).

Case Pack Quantities: 1lb = 24pcs/cs, 2lb = 12pcs/cs, 4lb = 8pcs/cs.

Items which are ordered in full case quantities and multiples thereof, are eligible to a 5% case discount on orders which meet the MOQ. Case Pack discounts do not apply to meal deals or discounted items.


If for any reason customers are unsatisfied with their purchase, we will gladly issue a refund within 30 days of customer purchase. Returns must include the original register receipt attached to the merchandise and the product must not be more than 50% consumed. Refunds given will be in the form of credit on retailer ’s account and are subject to deduction of any discounts provided at time of purchase.

Returns made with claims of causing animal or human illness are subject to thorough investigation in accordance with Iron Will Raw’ s Safe Food Handling procedures. In these cases, we require that the product be returned

for review, testing and documentation. Please request that the customer freeze any thawed product before returning. Retailers must clearly mark the product to be returned to Iron Will Raw so that it is not accidently resold.

We request that either the retailer or customer contact us directly so that we can complete the necessary return tracking documents.

Credits are issued once the returned product has been received and reviewed by Iron Will Raw.


Stores can choose to participate. Simply request a package of Customer Loyalty Cards from Iron Will Raw. These cards are to remain at the store location (to encourage return to your store) and you may request more cards at any time. You may also use your POS system if it keeps track of frequent buyer programs and prints out a report which shows the customer name and price breakdown of each purchase.

Once the customer has purchased 12 Iron Will Raw items, they are entitled to a FREE ITEM at the value of the least expensive item on their Loyalty Card. A copy of the proof of “purchase” for the free item must also ac company the completed Loyalty Card or be reflected in the POS report. Each time a customer makes a purchase, the items they buy can be recorded on the card by the store staff member. It is completely up to the customer if they wish to have part, all, or none of their purchase recorded on their Loyalty Card.

We request that a copy of the proof of purchase for each item recorded on the Loyalty Card be affixed to the card. Items which do not have an accompanying proof of purchase cannot be honored. For reimbursement – the completed Loyalty Card as well as all accompanying proof of purchases must be returned to Iron Will Raw within 15 business days of fulfillment. These can be sent in via scan (photo) and email, standard mail or handed back to the Iron Will Raw delivery driver.

Reimbursement will be made at wholesale cost in the form of credit on the retailer’s account and are subject to deduction of any discounts provided to the retailer at time of purchase. Please note that all meal deals (Paw-ty Platter, K9 Buffet, Big Meal Deal and Featherless Feast and any others which may be added) count as one item. Items purchased with any other discount, coupons, credit or promotion cannot be applied to the Loyalty Card.


Iron Will Raw would like to extend retailers the opportunity to sample Iron Will Raw’s products. This is beneficial to potential new clients or clients currently purchasing other food products who would benefit from trying an Iron Will Raw product. We ask that retailers use discretion when providing customers with samples and offer the 1-pound container size. Protein varieties like Chicken, Turkey and Beef are great places for consumers to start on a raw diet due to digestibility. Please refrain from using exotic proteins unless severe dietary restrictions are confirmed.

Iron Will Raw will reimburse retailers for 1 sample per household. For households with multiple or large breed pets Iron Will Raw will honour the retailer’s discretion to provide a maximum of 2 samples. Iron Will Raw reserves the right to deny any and all requests from a retailer for reimbursement of samples that the company feels are being misused.

Reimbursement requests must include a register receipt including the customer’s contact information, product/SKU identity and reflecting the 100% discount for the product being sampled. Receipts must be submitted to Iron Will Raw within 30 days of transaction.

Refunds given will be in the form of credit on retailer’s account and are subject to deduction of any discounts provided at time of purchase. Refunds are issued once requests are reviewed by Iron Will Raw.


Iron Will Raw is happy to offer an employee discount program to help support your store in feeding Iron Will Raw and thus sharing first hand benefits with customers. Iron Will Raw will extend a 50% discount on up to $120 SRP worth of food monthly for up to 2 employees each calendar month. Employees’ orders would be submitted as one order per employee each month.

We request that this employee order be sent along with the store’ s regular delivery order. The employee order will be invoiced separately to the store and each employee’s name will be referenced on the order for tracking purposes. The employee would be responsible for sending payment via e-transfer only to Iron Will Raw prior to the order being delivered.


All returns require a Return Authorization (RA) from Iron Will Raw. All claims of mis-shipment or damaged product during shipping must be made within 24 hours of delivery receipt. Iron Will Raw will not accept any returns for product that have been modified or mishandled.

NOTE : Once product has left a retailer’s location it is not eligible for resale.


Iron Will Raw offers three different coupon/gift card programs. Our most common gift card is our $5 Free program. This program is utilized by Iron Will Raw representatives who hand out these coupons at tradeshows and industry events. The incentive is to have customers directed to your store and to qualify themselves by making a purchase at your store. In order for Iron Will Raw coupons to be redeemed and honored the back must be completed legibly in full and submitted to Iron Will Ra w along with a proof of purchase. They can be submitted via scan and email (, photo and email attachment or physically handed to our driver at delivery.

We strongly encourage stores to maintain a copy of coupons as well for your own records. Please also note that these coupons are Limit One Per Person. Kindly refrain from breaking them down into different transactions or different days of redemption. It is the responsibility of the store to ensure that transactions are not repeated. They may also not be combined with any other promotion, sale or discount.

We also have a small amount of $10 off when you purchase $50.00 (before tax) of Iron Will Raw product only. This coupon is a limit one per purchase. And our third coupon is a $25 gift certificate, limit one per person. Both the $10 and $25 coupon are given out in limited quantity mostly for raffle, contest and draw prizes for various organizations and events. These coupons also require a completed back portion and proof of purchase for redemption.

None of the coupons have any cash value and if a customer makes a purchase for less than the value of the coupon that they are re deeming then they forfeit the balance of the value of the coupon. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about our coupon program.