Bones & Chews

Incorporating bones and chews are essential in a puppy's diet as they help support healthy development. Adding chews early in their life stage can support healthy teeth and gums, provide mental and physical stimulation, help strengthen jaw musculature and gives your puppy a chance to embrace its natural desire to chew. More chewing on appropriate bones results in less getting into trouble!

Which bones/chews are safe for my puppy?

* Puppies are unable to regulate calcium absorption until this time

How often should I give them chews?

We suggest limiting raw meaty bones to 2-3 times per week.

Want to keep them busy?

We offer a variety of different interactive feeders and tools you can use to make feeding a raw food diet fun and exciting every time! 

Silicone Therapeutic Lick Mat and Silicone Bake & Freeze Mold:

  • Use with any Iron Will Raw® formula (such as Puppylicious) as an alternative feeding method providing the therapeutic benefit of licking
  • Spread your puppy's favourite soft treat and bake, freeze or just serve
  • Use to deliver supplements or broths while prolonging their enjoyment
  • Mash up your puppy's favourite fruits or veggies and freeze it for a fun way to keep them distracted
  • TIP: place in the freezer prior to serving to increase the amount of time it takes to lick everything up

Interactive Slow Feeder: 

  • Encourages your puppy to eat slower preventing them from gulping their food
  • Provides mental and physical stimulation 
  • Keeps your pup engaged while providing a bit of a challenge each meal
  • Allows for better digestion

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