Formula Guidance

Iron Will Raw® pet food is vacuum-sealed in 1lb ready-to-serve portions for your furry friend. Our packaging is 100% recyclable and stores easily in your freezer. Our 1lb pouches have a convenient, easy-peel corner which makes opening your pet’s raw food simple and mess-free.

Our raw pet food is available in a wide variety of protein options and we offer two types of raw blends for your pet: Original Dinners and Basic Meals.

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    That’s it! These meals have been formulated specifically with cats in mind and for pet owners who prefer to add their own fruit, veggies or supplements. These meals are also great for those dogs who may need a single protein diet for sensitivities and restrictive diets.

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    IMPORTANT: Our Basic Meals and Original Dinners are not complete and balanced when fed alone. These formulas have been designed to be a part of a rotational diet (i.e. feeding 3-5 different proteins per month). Appropriate supplementation for Omega-3 and Vitamin D is also required to create a complete and balanced diet. 

    Now that you have decided which formula(s) you would like to feed, visit our page that offers helpful tips and benefits to feeding a raw pet food diet by clicking here!