Behind The Formula

Achieving Nutritional Balance

Admittedly, no nutritional standard for dogs and cats is perfect, but that doesn’t mean we don’t need them. If we forgo them entirely, how do we know what nutrients need to be present in our pets diet?    

Nutritional guidelines are needed to give us some direction. The NRC does not regulate the pet food industry and has requested that its recommendations not be used to substantiate nutritional adequacy of pet foods.

Until a time comes when we have an exact blueprint of what each pet requires nutritionally, we need to rely on the current resources available:

So, why balance Puppylicious to AAFCO and not NRC?

AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials) is used when creating most commercial pet food formulations. These values are based on NRC (National Research Council Canada) nutrient requirements and are most similar to the NRC Recommended Allowance values.

The NRC does not regulate the pet food industry and nutritional adequacy claims citing the NRC would be considered misbranding and illegal in the United States. Here in Canada, there is unfortunately no enforcement for the nutrient composition of dog and cat food or their compliance to any nutrient standard. Small Animal Clinical Nutrition, 5th Edition, pg. 191-199 (Reference:

Balancing Puppylicous is essential to ensure it's complete and balanced for ALL breeds and sizes of puppies and by utilizing AAFCO nutritional standards it has allowed us to do just that.

It is also extremely important to remember that no set of standards (AAFCO, NRC, FEDIAF) describe or ensure the quality of pet food. This is why Iron Will Raw voluntarily maintains our HACCP certification so you can be confident when feeding our raw food.

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