The Cost of Feeding a Raw Diet (Part 4)

January 10, 2022

The Cost of Feeding a Raw Diet (Part 4)

At Iron Will Raw, we manufacture products we believe in and are willing to feed to our own pets at home. This means actively choosing cuts of meat that maintain a high standard of quality to ensure a balanced level of lean muscle meat to fat & bone.

Pet parents often want to feed a raw pet food diet as cost effectively as possible which is understandable. The idea that a higher cost equals a higher quality is a concept widely accepted in the kibble industry but doesn’t always apply when considering raw pet food. This generalization can drive a raw pet food feeder towards brands that may not adhere to strict quality control processes and safe handling practices. 

As a result, pet parents switch their pet's diet from kibble to raw assuming they're making a healthier choice. Not realizing they've potentially transitioned to a lower quality food which can result in potential health problems later on. Remember that raw feeding does not have to be all or nothing. If choosing only raw isn’t practical, you may want to mix in kibble or dehydrated food. Choosing to use a high quality kibble as your pets meal base and using raw as a meal topper is a great option — Do the best you can when you can. For more information, visit our blog that discusses mixing kibble and raw by clicking here.

When deciding on a raw pet food brand, the final product should not cost less than the listed ingredients on the label. If a raw pet food manufacturer is able to produce a properly balanced final product for less than the cost of its individual components found in the grocery store, it may be time to ask yourself how this is possible. Are they using high-fat cuts of meat to reduce cost? Are they using cuts of meat with high bone content? Or perhaps they are using whatever cuts of meat are on sale at the time. 

Here at Iron Will Raw, quality and safety are our top priorities. We will never sacrifice either to play the price-point game – it’s not who we are. We make a product that we are proud to stand behind. We challenge you to give our product a try! Even just one box—We know you'll see the difference! 

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